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Corrugated PE pipes and fittings for external sewers

The system is made out of corrugated PE pipes and fittings. The pipes are made through co-extrusion, in accordance with the SR EN13476-3:2007 standard, resulting a pipe with a smooth light colour interior wall that facilities video inspection, with an extremely reduced roughness and a profiled type exterior wall.

The profiled exterior wall provides resistance to external charges, being characterized by a very good resistance.

The profiled structure of the exterior wall presents a number of major advantages: it is thinner than a smooth wall for the same pipe resistance which leads to a lower specific weight of the

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In order to resist to the devastating effect of solar radiation, the exterior walls of corrugates pipes are made out of materials that were stabilized against ultraviolet radiation. PEHD corrugated pipes, fittings and accessories are used for external buried networks for rainwater and wastewater sewage, anti-flood systems, roads and rail road undercrossing, in free flow conditions (non-pressure) with temperatures up to maximum +50°C (accidental temperature increases up to +50% are accepted for short periods of time) and with pH between 2 and 12.

The range of diameters varies between 200 mm and 1200 mm and the ring stiffness (according to conform EN ISO 9969) in SN4 and SN8 classes.

Depending on the joining, the pipes are produced with or without socket, with standard lengths of 6.21 m for the pipes provided with socket and of 6 m for the pipes without socket. The pipe joining is done using O-ring gaskets from synthetic rubber (EPDM, SBR, NBR), ensuring the system’s sealing. The gasket geometry ensures the continuity of the interior wall of the pipes joint, leading to good hydrodynamic features for the transport of fluids, without places where solid material can accumulate and that can generate turbulences.

The ring stiffness (SN) in the joining area is ensured trough the overlapping of the socket over the profiles of the next pipe.

Main features and advantages of the PE and PP systems


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