RENAR Laboratory

RENAR Laboratory

In its RENAR-accredited laboratory, TeraPlast SA Bistrita performs tests in the physical-mechanical, physical-chemical and physical fields, both for its own products and for third parties. The laboratory is accredited by the national accreditation body, RENAR. Accredited tests are 21 and are listed in the Annex to accreditation certificate no. LI 279.
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TeraPlast product-specific tests specified in the product standards are accredited:

* PVC-U, PP and PE pipes for sewers, produced according to the SR EN 13476-2,3; SR EN 12201-1 and SR EN 1451-1 standards

* PE pipes for drinking water transport, produced according to SR EN 12201-1

* PE pipes for gas fuel transport, produced according to SR EN 1555-1

* PVC-U pipes for drinking water transport, produced according to SR EN 1452-2

* Corrugated PVC-U and PE pipes and smooth pipe for buried cable protection, produced according to SR EN 61386-24

* Plasticized and rigid granules - produced according to technical specifications

* PVC joinery profiles, produced according to the SR EN 12608-1 standard

In addition to the accredited tests, the TeraPlast Laboratory also has the technical capacity to conduct specific tests on the raw materials used in the production process, as well as other tests. The laboratory is endowed with equipment worth over RON 6 million, half of the value representing high-performance equipment purchased in the last five years.

Endowing the laboratory with the necessary equipment for testing the finished products allowed the implementation of a high-performance Factory Production Control, each batch of product being validated by factory inspections and laboratory tests.

By testing the most unfavourable sample in the product batch, we ensure the conformity of the batch placed on the market.

Laboratory accreditation allows TeraPlast to comply with the legislation in force for the marketing of construction products, namely DECISION no. 668 of 13 September 2017 establishing the conditions for the sale of construction products.

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