Organizational culture

How we move things

TeraPlast is committed to communicating closely with its customers and developing strategic partnerships, at both national and regional levels. Through the continuous efforts of the TeraPlast team to maintain and improve the Quality Management System, our complete solutions recommend us as a manufacturer ready to successfully operate in the market of major European players.
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Difficult times pass, the strong ones remain.

Our vision is to be leaders in the markets in which we operate::

  • We are the largest polymer processor in the eastern EU
  • We have a long history of initiative in the market by developing pioneering solutions in Romania
  • We are the market leader in PVC outdoor sewers and PVC granules and will be the market leader in PE pipes and flexible packaging from 2022.​
  • We have a strong team of specialists, a solid financial position and we constantly invest in the development of products and production capacities, all of this making us a role model of business excellence for Romanian entrepreneurship
  • We contribute to the development of the Romanian economy by offering Romanian products, in order to eliminate imports.
  • We are well anchored in the market context and we are digitizing ourselves to become a faster and more efficient company

Our mission is to develop efficient solutions for people and the environment by:

  • Innovation and adaptability​
  • Constant investments in the development of production capacities and product portfolio
  • State-of-the-art production facilities and modern technologyă​
  • Quality certified by the highest international standards
  • Extended distribution network and long-term partnerships
  • Sustainable business through responsible management of resources and environmental impact, development of products from environmentally friendly materials, digitization of processes and involvement in the community. ​

Our values are Tradition, Responsibility, Performance

We build on a 125-year tradition, during which we have continuously innovated and reinvented ourselves, successfully adapting to the market context and overcoming any obstacle. In these years, we have built a strong brand and an efficient business model, and we have developed a united team and solid partnerships. ​

We promote a sustainable business, in which we take responsibility for our actions in the medium and long term.

Both within and outside our organisation, we demonstrate a responsible behaviour towards the economic and social environment in which we operate and we are constantly looking for solutions to protect the environment. ​

Our ambition is to achieve performance at every level and in everything we do. We study the market, we think ahead, we set high goals and we are competitive. We use modern equipment and advanced technologies, and constantly invest in development and motivation programs.

Our daily activity considers the optimal functioning of all processes in order to obtain an optimal ratio between the resources used and the efficiency obtained, from the supply chain to the economic value generated. We rely on continuous feedback streams, we strive to act responsibly towards our colleagues, partners, the community and the environment.

Code of Conduct