Who we are

Group TeraPlast

125 years have passed since 1896, when the Saxon craftsman Walter Schuster founded a workshop for processing ceramic tiles in Bistrita. The entrepreneurial tradition which started then, continues today through the TeraPlast Group which, through its development, shows vision, perseverance and spirit of reinvention. We have proven our ability to adapt surviving two world wars, three regime changes, two pandemics, the greatest economic crises in human history and the uncertainties caused by the 1948 nationalization and the communist regime. We are constantly developing ourselves to create value for our employees, shareholders and partners. Over time, here at the TeraPlast Group, we have brought pioneering solutions on the market, at international quality standards, and we continue to develop our portfolio in line with our mission to provide efficient solutions for people and the environment. Today, TeraPlast Group is the largest polymer processor in Eastern Europe. See how we got here  
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TeraPlast Group is an example of determination, and a benchmark for Romanian entrepreneurship. The strength of our Group lies in the complementarity of businesses in our portfolio, in the strong team of experts and in the ability to anticipate and take advantage of market opportunities. Successful projects are our priority. This is why we offer efficient solutions for people and the environment, which respond optimally to the needs of our partners.

What the TeraPlast Group means:

  • We are the largest polymer processor in the eastern European Union and the only manufacturer of HFFR granules in Romania
  • Investments of RON 160 million (€34 million) in 2021
  • More than 900 colleagues in continuous development
  • 100% produced in Romania in our 8 modern factories
  • Close to our customers through our 6 logistics centres
  • 80 production lines with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Our production locations total 316,849 sqm, consisting of 83,513 sqm of halls and 233,355 sqm of concrete platforms, in which our success story is written.
  • Over 3,200 customers successfully served each year
  • TeraPlast: a top company in terms of relationship with its investors
  • Digital transformation: a paperless culture is being implemented to streamline processes and reduce costs