Sustainable solutions

In our long-term strategy, one of the pillars underlying the businesses evolution involves the continuous development of our portfolio of solutions, by improving existing products and launching new products.

We aim to meet the highest quality standards for our portfolio, but we also pay close attention to the impact that our products have on the environment.
solutii sustenabile teraplast

Multilayer PVC pipe with recycled PVC core

TeraPlast is the only manufacturer in Romania that holds a patent for the production of PVC pipes for outdoor sewers, with recycled PVC core. The technical characteristics of the product are the same, the pipe meeting the requirements of the quality standards in force.

We also develop solutions by which we aim to increase the share of recycled material used. The first such product is Grinpipe - a pipe made entirely of recycled PVC for outdoor sewers.


Rigid PVC recycling

Started as a business line within TeraPlast, rigid PVC recycling has been operating since April 2019 as TeraPlast Recycling. The factory is endowed with state-of-the-art equipment, which allows obtaining a superior-quality finished product, and has an annual processing capacity of 12,000 tonnes.

Through TeraPlast Recycling we are the largest rigid PVC recycler in Romania and in the top 10 rigid PVC recyclers in Europe, according to processing capacity. Processed rigid PVC waste comes both from the country and from abroad, from countries such as the Netherlands, Denmark or Italy.

Rigid PVC can be recycled up to 8 times, and in the long run, responsible and regulated management of this waste, as well as the use of recycled raw materials can have a significant impact in reducing the current adverse effects.
In 2021, investment projects also included expanding the processing capacity of the recycling plant. Thus, from the second part of the year, we reached a processing capacity of 31,000 tonnes. As a result of this expansion, the savings in carbon dioxide emissions from recycling alone reach 62,000 tonnes per year. At the same time, following the investment, TeraPlast Recycling became the largest producer of micronized recycled rigid PVC in Europe.


Biodegradable packaging

In the period 2020-2021, we have invested in a new production unit and, at the same time, in a new line of business within the TeraPlast Group: biodegradable packaging.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, the factory will produce biodegradable bags certified “OK Compost” SR EN 13432, with at least 90% degree of biodegradation. In addition, through the biodegradable packaging factory, TeraPlast Group brings high quality Romanian products in a market with an accelerated growth rate, in which almost half of the consumption was represented by imported products.

In addition to the responsible development of our product portfolio, we also invest in process efficiency and optimal management of resource consumption.

Photovoltaic power plant

In collaboration with E.ON Energie, we built in the TeraPlast Industrial Park from Saratel, Bistrita-Nasaud County, a Photovoltaic Power Plant - one of the largest photovoltaic energy generation systems in Romania.

Through this plant, we generate approx. 11% of the total energy required from renewable sources. In total, the photovoltaic plant contains 7,000 panels and helps us reduce annual CO2 emissions by up to 660 tonnes per year.


We are implementing a paperless culture

Through digitization, we streamline our production processes, intensify customer relationships and create efficient administrative and sales structures. The computer system fully integrated in the production processes allows an optimal control of the costs and leads to cost-efficiency.
• We implement a paperless culture by adopting digital signatures, electronic archiving and the use of tablets integrated with SAP for staff responsible for stock movements.
• We use multi-module ERP systems: SAP HANA, an integrated electronic invoicing system, warehouse management system (WMS).
• To streamline production and maximize productivity we use the Advanced Planning System for production scheduling. In terms of business intelligence tools, with the help of QlikView we customize the data, transforming raw data into knowledge.
• We automate processes using artificial intelligence - UiPath robots - to manage customer creditworthiness analysis and automate credit limit calculations, as well as to record and allocate payments.


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