Rainwater and wastewater management systems



Teraplast offers a professional range of high capacity receivers for large flat roofs drainage produced by HL Hutterer & Lechner Gmbh, a company with a tradition of over 60 years in the field of development of innovative products for surface draining (floor drains, roof and terrace receivers, aerators, etc.).    

In order to drain the water from large conventional system roofs (gravity), HL offers solutions for almost any type of roof. The challenge for both architects, designers and installers is great. Depending on the roof constructions, the structure of the layers, the types of waterproofing used and the purpose of the roof are necessary various combinations of receivers and accessories.   

Teraplast completes its range of large capacity receivers with large roof drains with the range of terraces and balconies receivers in order to provide you with professional solutions for these types of applications. 

Generally, rainwater discharge from terraces or balconies is done with medium or small drainage capacity receivers. HL terrace and balcony receivers allow the drainage of areas ranging from 16MP to 100MP with a single receiver (considering a rain intensity of 300 l / (secxha). 

Thus, the range of receivers for these applications includes terraces with large drainage capacities made of PP with side outlet (D75mm) or vertical outlet (D75 / 110mm) as well as lower drainage receivers for medium size terraces and small balconies made of
PE, with side outlet  (D50 / 75 / 110mm) or vertical outlet (D40 / 50 / 75mm).  

As a result, HL offers the possibility to create terraces even with a single point of rainwater evacuation. For the choice of the appropriate receptors and accessories, the layout of the terraces needs to be known in detail (ceiling material, thermal insulation, waterproofing used, existence or not of diffusion membranes or condensate barrier, thickness of layers, etc.)