Interior decoration system

PVC panelling

PVC panelling

The PVC panelling produced by Teraplast are used for cladding inside walls and ceilings in offices, houses, industrial buildings and other civil and industrial engineering. Teraplast panelling is produced in accordance with SR EN 13245-2 harmonized standard and have applied the CE marking.    

The PVC panelling presents the following advantages compared to the traditional materials used in interior and exterior design: 

  • long lifetime;
  • they keep their shape and size throughout time ;
  • high resistance to aging, fungi, moulds and bacterial agents;
  • resistance to corrosion and humidity;
  • mechanical-physical features superior to veneer;
  • simple, fast and clean installation;
  • easy maintenance, reduced dust deposits;
  • does not support combustion.

Colour pallet:

  • white coloured in the mass: cream, oak, brown, mahogany and walnut
  • painted and varnished: white wood, maple, pine, oak, walnut, mahogany

Panelling accessories

  • ONG terminal to fix the panelling ends
  • ONG angular for interior and exterior corners
  • False ceiling fastening profile   

Small PVC panel

Small PVC panel

Partition walls are used to create the interior partition walls, removable or non-removable, in civil or industrial buildings, to do the fillings for fix and mobile carpentry elements. Teraplast produces partition walls in three colour ranges with lengths between 2500 mm and 4000 mm.   

Colour pallet – white or coloured in mass: cream and brown.


  • Small wall U terminal to fix the ends.
  • Small wall angular to do the corners.