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TeraPlast: Excellence in corporate governance and investor communication

VEKTOR by ARIR 10 TeraPlast

Bistrița, January 30, 2023

TeraPlast SA obtained for the fourth consecutive time the maximum score, 10, in the Vektor evaluation coordinated by ARIR - the Association for Investor Relations at the Romanian Stock Exchange.

The Vektor indicator was calculated by ARIR for the fourth time and is unique in the region. It evaluates the activity of companies listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange in terms of corporate governance and investor communication. The 12 criteria aim to encourage an increase in the number of investor events, the inclusion of policies requested by investors, such as the dividend policy, as well as the introduction of digital tools for interacting with the market.

In total, 18 companies from BSE achieved the maximum score in the evaluation, and TeraPlast is one of them. The Vektor average score among the companies in the BET index is 9.4.

The review of the Vektor calculation process and results was carried out by Mazars, one of the world's largest audit and business consulting companies, present in approximately 100 countries and territories, with 28 years of market experience in Romania.


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