TP7000 is a premium system, which can be used for passive houses

  • PVC profile with 7 chambers, 88mm width
  • Reduced thermal transfer coefficient, of k=0,7 W/m2xK
  • Increased sound insulation – 37 db
  • 3 sealing gaskets
  • allows mounting of thermal insulated glass with thicknesses up to 44 mm

Technical features:

No. of insulating chambers 7
Width of profiles 88mm
Reinforcements Galvanized steel
Sealing gaskets 3
Thickness of the glass 32mm/44mm


  • classic design – straight faces
  • high tightness at moisture and dust
  • good thermal and sound insulation
  • thermal insulation coefficient: Uf = 1,0 W/m²k
  • sound insulation coefficient: Rw = 35(-3,-7)dB