Watermeter chambers

Watermeter boxes are meant to ensure the necessary protection space for the meters in order to register the individual home consumption and the building consumption.

Besides the role of thermal insulation and protection of the water supply system elements from external factors: earth charge, water infiltration, water meter boxes must facilitate the access for water meters reading.

The estimated life expectancy of these types of houses is 50 years under the conditions of an appropriate installation and exploitation. From the dimensional point of view, Teraplast manufactures water meters boxes for individual pipe connections with a box diameter of 500mm and a collective pipe connections with a diameter of 1000mm.

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The water meter boxes are made compact and single block from polyethylene through rotation moulding process. They are made up of two basic elements:

  • the box body;
  • the box cover.

The box bodies are produced in two constructive options for each diameter. Boxes with D = 500mm are produced with heights of 800mm and 1200mm respectively and can be delivered either thermally insulated or non-thermally insulated Boxes with D = 1000mm are produced with heights of 1200mm and respectively 1500mm. In order to provide an increased mechanical strength, the wall of the box body is reinforced with vertical and horizontal ribs. A 100% tightness is ensured when the pipes pass through the box body.

The cover, made of polyethylene, has an air cushion for thermal insulation. Following the tests carried out, the lid provides a high degree of tightness:

  • vertical water jet (rain) – tightness 100%;
  • angled water jet (heavy rain) – infiltration max. 200ml.

Upon the request of its customers, TeraPlast has also developed a new type of water meter box with an anti-burglary cover. The available variants that are presented below include water meter screens both in the non-equipped version (without the water meter installation) and in the equipped version

The main advantages of PE boxes for water meters:


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