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PVC pressure pipes and fittings

PVC pressure pipes and fittings are produced by extrusion, respectively injection of hard, unplasticized PVC granules, in combination with dyes, fillers, stabilizers and friction additives.

The pipes are grey or blue, have smooth inner and outer surfaces and are provided with plugs to ensure the connection. Opposite to the PVC-U pipes for sewerage, their joining is performed by gluing. The recommended temperature of the water circulated in the PVC-U pressure systems is between 20°C and 40°C. Temperatures of 60°C are also allowed for short periods of time. See also HDPE water pressure pipes and fittings.

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Service life is estimated to at least 50 years, subject to compliance with the pressure and temperature conditions, as well as the installation technology.

Pressure PVC-U pipe and fitting system offered by TeraPlast, is a complete and varied system, which includes grey and blue pipes, manufactured in the pressure ranges PN6, PN10 and P16 bar.

The system is completed with an extremely varied range of pressure PVC fittings that ensure the possibility of execution of water distribution systems both in the buried version and of indoor distribution systems of water or industrial fluids. From a dimensional point of view, the diameter of PVC-U pressure pipes produced by TeraPlast ranges between 32 and 400mm.

Characteristics and benefits of the pressure PVC pipe and fitting systems


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