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PVC drilling pipes

The drilling system developed by TeraPlast contains the tubing pipes and the filtration elements made from PVC-U.

TeraPlast drilling system with pipes and PVC100 filtration elements is used to tube the pits for water supply and epuisment drilling or piezo pits. The drilling pipe are manufactured through PVC extrusion and are blue – RAL5012. They have a smooth interior and exterior surface and are foreseen with sockets to injure pipe coupling.

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Lifetime is rated at least 50 years under the conditions of pressure and temperature as well as commissioning technology.

The drill pipe system is produced in three classes of wall thicknesses: P8 (SDR13,6), P10 (SDR21), P16 (SDR26) corresponding to PN8, PN10 and PN16 pressure ranges.

From the dimensional point of view, the range of diameters of PVC-U pipes for drilling produced by Teraplast is between 90 and 250mm

The main features and advantages of PVC-U pipes and fittings


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