PE pipe protection system

The polyethylene pipe system for the protection of telecommunication cables and optical fibres is a system comprising PE pipes similar to PE water pipes. The pipes have a smooth interior and exterior wall, with high impact and compression strength. The range of diameters is between 25 and 110 mm.
The pipes are produced and delivered in coils of different lengths, depending on the pipe diameter. The joint between the coil ends is made either by welding or by means of compression fittings. Cable protection systems are also part of the solutions offered by TeraPlast for infrastructure applications as electricity networks are an important part of these applications. In addition to this range, TeraPlast offers piping systems for the protection of electrical cables installed in buildings, systems that you can see in the second part of the catalog – Building Installations.

TeraPlast Warehouses Map

TeraPlast manufactures and offers a wide range of pipe systems for the protection of electrical buried cables from which you can choose depending on the application to be executed as follows:

• Smooth socket PVC pipe system;
• Polyethylene corrugated pipe system;
• Polyethylene pipes for fiber protection.