Cable protection PVC pipes with smooth socket

TeraPlast produces PVC-U pipes with compact wall, rigid, to protect the cables foreseen with a coupling socket in accordance with the SR EN 61386-24 standard in L and N classes.
The two classes are the result of cable protection pipe classification according to their strength to impact as follows: Class L = light working conditions (at least 9 samples pass the impact resistance test with the 3kg hammer). Class N = normal working conditions (at least 9 samples pass the impact resistance test with the 5 kg hammer). Besides this classification, there is a classification depending on the compressive strength. Both Class L and Class N pipes are rated for compressive strength according to the following values: 250, 450 or 750 N. The class and impact resistance must be marked on the PVC pipes for cable protection. The diameter range is between 32 and 140 mm for Class L pipes and 63 and 250 mm for Class N pipes. The pipes are produced in bars, especially 6 m in length, but for some diameters they are also produced at a length of 4 m.

TeraPlast Deposits Map

TeraPlast manufactures and offers a wide range of pipe systems for the protection of electrical buried cables from which you can choose depending on the application to be executed as follows:
• Smooth socket PVC pipe system;
• Polyethylene corrugated pipe system;
• Polyethylene pipes for fiber protection.

All these pipe systems are used for mechanical protection of electrical or telecommunication cables buried installation. The optimal solution, respectively choose of the optimal system is made depending on the application that is going to be installed and stiffness requirements imposed by the application.

The life of the protection pipe systems made of PVC or PE is estimated at a minimum 50 years. These systems with high corrosion resistance can be installed simple and very quickly, especially if the systems are made up of pipes supplied in coils.