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Pipes and fittings for internal sewers

As the largest PVC-U processor in Romania, Teraplast produces a wide range of unplasticized PVC pipes for gravity buried sewage systems, subject to normal charges or to special work charges.

The PVC-U system area of use is diversified covering both buried sewage networks for wastewater and rainwater applicable in infrastructure and residential buildings, water evacuation in agriculture and industry or for drainage.

Maximum temperatures of wastewater carried through PVC-U systems are: 60 ° C – for pipes with D 110 – 200 mm and 40 ° C for pipes with D 250 – 500 mm. Temperatures of 60 ° C are also allowed for short periods of time. The recommended slope range is between 4 – 500/00.

PVC-U pipes and fittings are produced by extrusion, respectively by injection of a mixture of PVC and carbonate, respectively unplasticized hard PVC granules in combination with dyes, fillers, stabilizers and friction additions.

Tightness is provided with gaskets made of long-lasting synthetic rubber, which are mounted in the profiled element of the pipe socket. Tightness remains assured even if the pipe is deformed within its permissible limits or movements.

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PVC-U Multilayer and PVC-U Compact pipe system

Features and advantages of the Pipes and fittings for internal sewers


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