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PE sewer pipes and fittings

The polyethylene pipes are produced through polyethylene granules extrusion (PE80 or PE100). The estimated lifetime is of minimum 50 years, on the condition that the pressure and temperature as well as installation technologies are followed.


The polyethylene pipes have a smooth interior and exterior side, are flexible and resist to exterior temperatures up to -30°C. The polyethylene pipes and fittings are used in numerous fields out of which we mention:

  • Sewage network in gravity system or in pressure
  • Internal sewage for construction.

The polyethylene pipes and fittings are known for their use in gas and water supply and distribution networks, but they are also successfully used in sewage systems gravity buried and especially in those for pressure.

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There are often situations when a certain part of the sewage system is in pressure system (pumped sewage). In these cases the most recommended system is the polyethylene pipe and fitting system due to the fact that the elements are joint through welding that ensures the system tightness in case of pressure higher than 0.5 bars, the test pressure for PVC sewage networks joint with socket and gasket.

Although polyethylene pipes are produced for networks where pressures can reach up to 25 bar, in most cases in the sewage systems are used pipes with nominal pressures of 3.2 or 4 bar. Polyethylene pipes for sewage are black, without stripes or black with brown stripes.

The range of diameters for sewage pressure pipes offered by Terasplast is between 200 and 630 mm and is delivered into bars of 12 m long.

Features and advantages of polyethylene pipe and fittings


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