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Inspection chambers for external sewers

The new generation of plastic manholes offer modern and ecological solutions that satisfy all the requirements regarding wastewater evacuation.

Camine inspectie canalizari exterioare teraplast

Through the use of modern plastic manholes is ensured a complete tightness of the sewage network due to the sealed joints between these and the plastic pipes, thus the concrete manholes, the only elements from the sewage system (made today mainly with plastic pipes) that were not able to ensure the network tightness, are eliminated.

The plastic manholes area of use is similar with the one of plastic sewage pipes, covering both buried sewage networks for wastewater and rainwater applicable for infrastructure and residential buildings, water evacuation in agriculture and industry or for drainage.

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The maximum temperature of the wastewater transported is the same as the one of the pipes that will be used for that network.

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Types of Manholes

Features and advantages of the Inspection chambers for external sewers


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