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Covers and grates for external sewers

Covers are a closing and protection element for the manholes in the sewage or water supply network. 


Grates represent protection elements and they capture rain wastewater especially in case of drains.

Given their location at soil level, these are exposed to numerous types of demands, especially mechanical due to the charge exercised by the passengers or vehicles that travel above them.

In this regard the covers and the grates are classified into several classes according to the EN124 standard.

TeraPlast offers a wide range of covers and grates of different sizes and resistance made from the traditional material, cast iron, as well as from new generation material such as composite materials.

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Group 1 – A15 – 1.5 tones/axle (15kN) – for areas with pedestrian traffic, alleys, courtyards or bicycle lines.

Group 2 – B125 – 12.5 tones/axle (125kN) – reduced traffic (parking with weight restrictions, markets, private roads, parking).

Group 3 – C250 – 25 tones/axle (250kN) – roads, roads for easy commercial vehicles, parking for vehicles up to 25 tones, drainage.

Group 4 – D400 – 40 tones/axle (400kN) – roads for heavy vehicles, highways, parking areas for all types of vehicles.

The classification includes also:

Class E600 – 60 tones/axle (600kN) – areas with heavy and very heavy traffic (ports, airports).

Class F900 – 90 tones/axle (900kN) – exceptional vehicles, ports, airports, etc.

Covers and grates types


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