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Clean Accessories

The wide range of accessories includes a wide range of floor drains, siphons for shower tubs or washing machines, receptors for roofs, terraces and balconies and accessories for standard and special applications in the field of interior sewage.

TeraPlast proposes you further a range of professional floor drains specifically addressed to the customers who want a sure and efficient solution for this small accessory which, unfortunately, after it is installed, in most cases, it becomes a huge problem due to the unpleasant smells in the bathroom.

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Floor drains are used as the focal point of floor drainage. In order to obtain a satisfying result the plumber needs to coordinate with the architect, the constructor, the tiler, etc. Therefore, we recommend you to take into consideration the following starting from the design phase


The answer to the question how is the siphon ultimately used is decided when the drainage system is designed. In general, the floor drain is different for permanent use (for example in the shower) and occasional use (as safety drain in the bathroom).

Attention: the height of the leaking body is not the minimum height of the slab!

The main features and advantages of Draintraps


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