Mircea Hotoleanu is the new Chief Executive Officer of Teraplast

Teraplast Group, the largest PVC processor in Romania and one of the leading manufacturers of materials for construction and installation market, will have starting with January 16th 2017 a new Chief Executive Officer in the person of Mircea Hotoleanu. Alexandru Stanean, who was the Interim Chief Executive Officer, will manage starting with this year export activities of Teraplast Group.

Mr. Hotoleanu joined Teraplast team in October 2016, when he was elected member in the Board of Directors of Teraplast, function which will continue to have. Mircea Hotoleanu has a PhD in engineering and in the last 7 years was Director of the Engineering Center of Emerson Cluj. Mr. Hotoleanu has an experience of over 20 years in the industrial field, and during 2001-2009 have had several management jobs in industrial companies from Finland.

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