Chairman election and changes in the Managing Board of Teraplast

The Board of Directors of Teraplast, gathered on October 27th 2016, elected Mr. Dorel Goia as Chairman of the Board. The new structure of the Board of Directors was decided in the General Meeting of Shareholders, dated October 6th 2016, and includes the following persons: Mrs. Magda-Eugenia Palfi-Ţîrău, Mr. Dorel Goia, Mr. Petru – Raul Ciurtin, Mr. Razvan Stefan Lefter and Mr. Teofil-Ovidiu Muresan.

The Board of Directors also took note of Mr.’s Teofil-Ovidiu Muresan resignation, starting with October 27th 2016, from the function of Non-Executive Director of the company, in order to dedicate himself to personal business projects.

Teofil-Ovidiu Muresan, Non-Executive Director of Teraplast: „Electrogrup’s expansion to other foreign markets and the consolidation projects of the company Direct One, need a more active presence from my part. After two years in the Board of Directors of Teraplast I am certain that there is here a team of professional which will continue to obtain performant results on all business segments. I have faith in the future of this Romanian brand”.

In the context of Mr. Muresan’s resignation, the Board of Directors of Teraplast decided the nomination of Mr. Mircea Hotoleanu as interim Non-Executive Director, starting with October 27th 2016 until the assembly of the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders.

Mr. Mircea Hotoleanu is of profession engineer and in the last 7 years was Director of the Engineering Center of Emerson Cluj. Mr. Hotoleanu has an experience of over 20 years in the industrial field, and during 2001-2009 have had several management jobs in industrial companies from Finland.

During the assembly of October 27th 2016, the Board of Directors also decided the relocation of the Teraplast,s warehouse of Stefanestii de Jos, Ilfov county, to Otopeni, Ilfov county.

In order to ensure a complete and accurate information of the shareholders and potential investors, we reproduce the decisions taken by the Board of Directors of Teraplast SA:

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