Ad hoc report Board of Directors decisions

Teraplast SA informs the shareholders and the potential investors regarding the decision that the sales for the market of Republic of Moldova to be performed directly from Romania. In this context, Teraplast will assign to the local partners the shares (51% of capital) owned in the company in Republic of Moldova.

The sales of the company in Republic of Moldova represents less than 1% in the consolidated turnover of Teraplast Group. The value of the company’s share capital is of 5,400 MDL, and after the assignment of the shares the local company will have another name.

Alexandru Stânean, CEO of Teraplast: „We don’t give up on the market of Moldova. We have local clients on most of our Group business lines and we will certainly continue these partnerships. However the market dimension does not justify a developed local presence, the market can be covered through exports. Exports development on every market remains an important component of our medium term business strategy, so we will continue to extend our presence on the markets with potential”.

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