Ad hoc report amendment of the convening notice EGMS 7/8 dec 2015

Teraplast S.A. informs its shareholders that on November 16th 2015 received from the Financial Supervisory Authority the demand DETA 29979/16.11.2015, by which the company was notified to respect the provisions of the art. 5 pct. 11 from the NSC regulation no. 6/2009, as subsequently amended and modified, in the sense that the EGMS convening notice, established for the 7/8 December 2015, must contain the proposal regarding the payment day (defined at the art. 2 align. (2) letter d¹ of NSC regulation no. 1/2006 as subsequently amended and modified).

Given the fact that, according to the legal provisions, the Board of Directors can’t unsolicited modify and amend a convening notice already issued, the Chairman of The Board of Directors, Mr. Dorel Goia bore his rights of shareholder which holds at least 5% of share capital and have claimed by the demand no. 384813/19.11.2015 the amendment of the EGMS agenda in the sense of those requested by the Financial Supervisory Authority.

In the meeting of 20.11.2015 the Board of Directors of Teraplast approved the amendment of the EGMS agenda, according to the request of the shareholder.

In order to ensure a complete and correct information of the shareholders, we reproduce the amended form of the EGMS convening notice, which will be held on 7/8 December 2015.

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