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InvestorsMeetings and events dedicated to the investors and the capital market on which TeraPlast is present.Romania DaysEvent organized by Wood&Company in conjuction with Fondul Proprietatea, aimed to connect companies with investors.Date: February 26-27Location: The May Fair Hotel, London, United KingdomARIR GalaOrganized by the Romanian Investor Relation Association (ARIR), in collaboration

Key figures

Investors Key figures TeraPlast Group    201620172018million lei   Revenue398.788.273422.270.070804.969.897Operating result46.592.70224.227.45335.394.539EBITDA61.347.00042.112.24565.183.722Profit for the year39.416.17118.569.33623.104.343    Number of shares472.970.474699.701.5581.070.245.274Earnings per share0,080,030,02Dividends paid6.892.0379.764.56010.558.885    Cash from operating activities44.016.31711.837.9246.081.205    Investments13.194.669112.648.13736.187.946    Non-current assets157.570.491248.913.444269.925.251Working capital76.666.34056.797.38668.987.783Equity216.923.646224.743.737260.033.677 

Corporate Governance

InvestorsThe corporate governance is consistent with the law and aims to ensure transparency of the activities of TeraPlast so that all shareholders and potential investors have equally access to information about the company.The company’s corporate bodies are structured as follows: General Meeting of Shareholders, which is the highest decision-making forum

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InvestorsTeraplast (TRP) was listed on July 2nd 2008 on Bucharest Stock Exchange and since the beginning, the main concern of the company was to ensure equal and constant access for the investors to the significand information regarding the company.Our main objective is to respect the rights of all our


InvestorsOne of TeraPlast’s most important achievements was its listing on the Bucharest Stock Exchange on2 July 2008, under the TRP symbol.The company’s main shareholders as of 19 July 2017 are:Dorel Goia46,82%KJK Fund10,03%Alte persoane fizice si juridice43,13%Shareholder rightsThe rights of the company’s minority shareholders are adequately protected according to currentlaws.

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