Alexandra Șica 

PR Manager TeraPlast Group 

TeraPlast Group: 32% organic growth in profitability and 20% increase in revenue in the first quarter

TeraPlast Group, the largest Romanian construction materials manufacturer, registered a 32% growth in EBITDA in Q1-2020 versus Q1-2019, up to RON 17,4 million, despite the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis in March. The Group’s turnover rose by 20% in the same period, up to RON 208,9 million. TeraPlast SA and TeraSteel Serbia were the main

TeraPlast Recycling The largest rigid PVC recycler in Romania

Bistrița, April 2nd TeraPlast Group – the largest Romanian privately-held construction materials manufacturer – is pleased to announce TeraPlast Recycling, a company specialized in recycling, following the detachment of TeraPlast SA’s recycling business line. This step resulted from the need to see recycling as an independent business, which the Group plans to develop further. „In

TeraPlast enters the BET index which expands to 17 companies for the first time in history

3/23/2020 Adrian Tanase, BVB CEO: The inclusion of Teraplast company in BET and BET-TR indices comes to complement and better represent the sectors on the stock exchange. From the point of view of the investors, either institutional or retail, the sectorial diversification is an essential element in the investment strategy. Alexandru Stanean, General Manager TeraPlast:

The TeraPlast Group increased its EBITDA by 41% and the turnover by 21% in 2019

Bistrița, February 17, 2020  The TeraPlast Group, the largest Romanian manufacturer of construction materials, registered an increase of 21% in turnover, for 2019, compared to the previous year, reaching 972.6 million lei. During the same period, the Group’s total EBITDA rose by 41%, reaching 91.2 million lei. These achievements are a direct result of the

TeraPlast the largest construction materials producer in Romania signs market maker contract with BRK Financial Group to enhance liquidity

2/12/2020  Alexandru Stanean, General Manager TeraPlast: Our collaboration with BRK Financial Group is a new step in line with our goal of creating value for shareholders by improving liquidity and minimizing volatility. In our activity, we rely on the implementation of the best practices at international level, and we want to become a model for

TeraPlast Group reached 100% stake in Wetterbest

Bistrita, 23 January TeraPlast Group, the largest Romanian construction materials manufacturer, reached 100% stake in Wetterbest – one of the local leaders in complete roof systems – following the takeover of the last 1% block of shares. This makes TeraPlast Group the sole shareholder of Wetterbest. The total investment for the Group’s stake in the

TeraPlast Group: 26% increase in margin and 23% increase in turnover during the first half of 2019

Bistrița, July 29, 2019 TeraPlast Group, the largest Romanian producer of construction materials, registered a 23% increase in its turnover during the first half of 2019, compared to the same time of last year. The evolution of the turnover from 338 million lei to over 416 million lei is due to the increase of the

TeraPlast and E.ON Energie România sign a 1.9 million euro agreement

E.ON Energie România and TeraPlast have entered into a strategic partnership, worth 1.9 million euro, to accomplish one of the largest solar energy generating systems in Romania. Building a photovoltaic power station is mainly intended to produce electricity from renewable sources, using solar energy and delivering the produced energy to the consumers connected to the