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The TeraPlast Group increased its EBITDA by 41% and the turnover by 21% in 2019Download
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TeraPlast Group improves profitability and reaches RON 719 million revenue in the first nine months of 2019Download
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TeraPlast Group - 76% increase in margin in the first quarterDownload
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Interim Simplified Consolidated Financial Statements 30.09Download
Interim Simplified separate financial statements as of and for the 6 month period ended 30j june 2018Download
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TeraPlast Group 2018 preliminary results - Analysts & Investors conference callDownload
TeraPlast Group 50% increase in EBITDA during 2018Download
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September 2018 results - Investors presentation TeraPlast GroupDownload
TeraPlast Group has in the first half of 2018, two times the revenue it had in the same period of 2017Download
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