The corporate governance is consistent with the law and aims to ensure transparency of the activities of TeraPlast so that all shareholders and potential investors have equally access to information about the company.

The company's corporate bodies are structured as follows: General Meeting of Shareholders, which is the highest decision-making forum of the Company, Board of Directors and Executive Management. TeraPlast is a company administered under a unitary system, by the Board of Directors.

General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) is the governing body which decides on TeraPlast activity and ensures its economic and commercial policy. GMS can be Ordinary or Extraordinary and takes place in residence town of the Company.

Managing Board  members were elected at the proposal of TeraPlast`s significant shareholders. TeraPlast`s Board of Directors consists of five members, namely: Dorel Goia (Chairman), Sorin Olaru (Nonexecutive Director), Alexandru Stanean (Interim Executive Administrator), Magda Eugenia Palfi-Tirau (Independent Nonexecutive  Director) and Stefan Razvan Lefter (Nonexecutive Director). 

The Managing Board delegates management responsibilities to one or more directors. Currently TeraPlast`s Executive Management is ensured by Alexandru Stanean (CEO) and Ioana Birta (CFO).

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Corporate Governance Statutes

Articles of Association november 2016