TeraPlast History

TeraPlast SA, a BVB listed company, is currently the largest PVC processor in Romania.


67% of the social parts of Depaco SRL have been registered as owned by TeraPlast SA at the Trade Register Office.


The acquisition of 60% of Depaco’s share capital. Depaco is the second largest producer of metallic roof tiles in Romania.

The acquisition of a sandwich panels factory in Serbia, that will double the annual production capacity.

TeraPlast takes over the activity of Politub after the full acquisition of the stake held by Socotub (50%).


TeraPlast SA establishes TeraPlast Hungaria KFT as part of the company’s strategy of increasing the value of its exports.

Plastsistem becomes TeraSteel. The rebranding process aimed to better represent the company’s business line, as well as the Group membership.


TeraSteel (Plastsistem) starts its zinc coated profiles production, in the wake of a 2.5 million euros investment.


TeraPlast launched the biggest investments process in its history, implying relocating all its production facilities from Bistrita to an industrial park set up outside the city.

The Group invested over 36 million euros in this relocation.


TeraPlast is listed at the Bucharest Stock Exchange under the TRP symbol. Tot that moment, this was the largest and latest successful IPO of a private Romanian company.


TeraPlast becomes the main shareholder (70,42%) of TeraSteel (Plastsistem), which was reorganized and starts producing insulating panels with polyurethane foam core.


The insulating PVC joinery production started.


The multilayer pipes production begins, TeraPlast being the first company in Romania that produced this kind of piping.

The PVC joinery profiles production started.


TeraPlast takes over Rompetrol’s interests in Politub, becoming the main associate with a 50% share along with Socotub.


TeraPlast privatized its full capital by MEBO method.


In association with Rompetrol SA, Gaz de France and Socomo-Socotub, TeraPlast established the joint venture company Politub – Romanian producer of polyethylene piping.


The PVC wall panels production started.

To ensure the access to the foreign markets, TeraPlast closed a strategic partnership with Gemenc Plast company from Hungary.


TeraPlast is founded by dividing the Bistrita Building Materials Enterprise which comprised the terra-cotta and plastics processing sections.

“We started our journey with a glazed wall tiles section and a plastics one, with limited production capacity of profiles and pipes of maximum 110mm in diameter.”


The first PVC pipes extrusion lines began operating.


Investments are initialized for the Bistrita Building Materials Enterprise and the Terra-Cotta Factory is integrated into it.

The plastics section of the Bistrita Building Materials Enterprise was set up.


The factory was nationalized.


The Saxon craftsman Schuster Walter sets up the first ceramic tiles factory in Bistrita. In 1917, he sells the factory to the doctor Biss Cornel and it is turned into a joint stock company named “Stoves and ceramic products Factory”.

Management policy

TeraPlast’s commitment is to establish close communication with its customers and to develop strategic partnerships at national level and at regional level alike.

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CSR TeraPlast schemes rely on the company’s internal culture as well as on its external activities.