Teraplast Group, the largest PVC processor in Romania and one of the leading manufacturers of materials for construction and installation market, continues to be profitable, despite the unfavorable context, generated by the deadlock of the environment infrastructure segment, by the insolvency of some clients and by the extent of the low-season period.

The Teraplast Group includes Teraplast SA (producer of pipes, compounds and PVC profile) its subsidiaries subsidiaries TeraSteel and TeraSteel Serbia (producer of sandwich panels and galvanized structures), Teraglass (producer of PVC windows and doors), Teraplast Logistic (starting with June 2016 it includes the logistic activities of Teraplast Group) and Teraplast Hungary (distribution company) and jointly-controlled companies Politub (producer of polyethylene pipes) and Depaco (producer of metallic tiles).

The 60% share in Depaco, the second producer of metallic tiles in Romania, and the sandwich panels’ plant in Serbia, with a production capacity similar to the one of TeraSteel, were bought in the half of this year.

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