The Board of Directors of TERAPLAST S.A. informs the shareholders and the potential investors, in accordance with the provisions of the art. 113 pct. A paragraph 1 lit. (j) from the NSC Regulation no. 1/2006 regarding the issuers and the operations with securities, and the provisions of the art. 99 lit. j) of the Bucharest Stock Exchange Code, that the appeal, stated by Mr. Andrei Rusu, against the civil sentence No 421/2015, passed by Bistrita-Nasaud Tribunal, was annulled by Cluj Court of Appeal, by reason of not paying the stamp tax. The appeal was the subject to dossier no. 3331/112/2014, registered at Cluj Court of Appeal.

At the moment is in effect the decision pronounced by the Bistrita-Nasaud Tribunal, which rejected as inadmissible the legal action formulated by Mr. Andrei Rusu and goes in favor of Teraplast and Plastsistem.

The decision of the Court of Appeal is final and binding.