We care about the environment

We care about the environment

Minimizing the products impact upon the environment, active involvement in society, creation of attractive work conditions and cooperation with responsible suppliers are the main directions of Teraplas’ Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

TeraPlast, recycler and rigid PVC waste collector

Teraplast – stiff PVC recycler and collector

Teraplast’s recycling line is a modern and completely functional recycling line for stiff PVC.

Currently, Teraplast is one of the largest PVC processor in Romania and one of the leading producers of materials for installations, constructions and design markets.   

Its product portfolio is structured on three business lines: Installation & Design, Window profiles and Granules. 

In the past years the company has invested over 36 million euros in development and upgrading the production facilities. Teraplast invested over 4 million euro in its PVC recycling line.
This investment included the components and adjacent equipment, but also the constructions necessary, facilitating the recycling of stiff PVC waste from both post-industrial and post-consumption waste sources.   
The recycling technology used by Teraplast is in accordance with the latest market trends, the equipment being purchased from specialized manufacturers in Germany and Italy such as Hamos, Herbold, Gauss Magnetti, Apro, Geco, Pallman and Theyson.

All these efforts placed Teraplast on the first place among the stiff PVC recyclers in Romania. This ambitioned us to go further and to increase the collection and recycling of PVC waste on the Romanian market. 
Key points

  • Initial investment at the beginning of 2017;
  • Activity initiated on the 15th of November 2017;
  • Installed capacity for 12000 tonnes per year;
  • Amount of stiff PVC waste processed monthly: approximately 1000 tonnes.

Factory contact
Teraplast Industrial park
DN15A (Reghin Bistrita), Km 45 + 500
Postal code 427298, Bistriţa-Năsăud County
Sole registration number: RO3094980
Share capital subscribed and paid: 85.691.097 RON
Phone: 0374-461529
Fax: 0263-231221
Send an offer to: recycling@teraplast.ro

Recycle with TeraPlast

Recycling Agreement 

Mail: nicoleta.ratiu@teraplast.ro

Phone: +40 752 101 580

What kind of waste we collect

    • PVC joinery profiles (heads and bars)
    • Technical profiles – panelling, blinds and other types of technical profiles (gutter, cable beds, corners, curtain rails, etc.);
    • Post-consumption and post industrial waste;
    • PVC pipes and fittings.

Teraplast collects recycled waste from Romania, as well as from other EU countries. Among these we specify Holland, Italy, Germany or Finland. We are the largest consumer of PVC recycled materials in our country and the largest recycler of stiff PVC.

Why to recycle

PVC or polyvinyl chloride also known as vinyl, is a thermoplastic material obtained through the polymerization of vinyl chloride. This has numerous uses, PVC products require a low maintenance during their use, being extremely durable and having a life expectancy higher than 60 years.   

Unfortunately, the qualities that make PVC a highly appreciated material cause significant damage to the environment. Due to the fact that PVC decomposes very hard, its recycling becomes an essential process in the fight to protect the environment. 

However, PVC recycling has numerous benefits besides environmental protection. Due to its unique polymer structure, PVC products are excellent for recycling when they reach the end of their lifetime, being used for several lifecycles. Besides, PVC has the advantage that it can be recycled repeatedly up to 8 times, without any impact on its components.   

But this is not all. Another unique advantage of this material is represented by the fact that its formula can be changed, aspect that can lead to the improvement of the final products, without decreasing the level of technical performance. 

PVC recycling means supporting a circular economy and conserving the resources in a more sustainable system. 

Why to recycle with TeraPlast

Using state-of-the-art technology, TeraPlast can process post-consumption and post-industrial waste using the same recycling line. Furthermore, given the versatility of the processing line, we can use as waste sources numerous types of product from joinery profiles to pipes, fittings, blinds, jambs, panelling or cable beds.  

We have the necessary know-how to use recycled materials and we are always looking to develop and to perfect or own recipes in order to increase the use of these materials. Our recycling line was design as support for Teraplast production. The materials obtained from recycling are used in the production of pipes, PVC technical profiles and others. Likewise, the materials obtained from recycling can be sold to other PVC processors.   

TeraPlast collects recycled waste from Romania, as well as from other EU countries. Among these we specify Holland, Italy, Germany or Finland. We are the largest consumer of PVC recycled materials in our country and the largest recycler of stiff PVC.