Management policy

Teraplast undertook the commitment to communicate closely with its customers and to develop strategic partnerships both nationally and regionally. Thanks to the continuous efforts of Teraplast team to implement the Quality Management System, our complete solutions recommend us as an actor ready to act successfully on the market of large European competitors.

Our mission is to create sustainable solutions that contribute to the diversification of opportunities offered to Teraplast`s partners.

Our strategic priorities are to create a consistent relationship with our customers that generates trust in the Teraplast brand, appropriate allocation of human and financial capital for the effective performance of its operational objectives, as well as emphasizing the responsibility in all we undertake socially, civically or in the field of environment protection.

Our vision

To become a model of excellence in management and business.

Our values

Quality, reliability and performance are our values. These values have been imprinted in our organizational culture and were incorporated into the company’s efforts to continuously improve the production process and marketing policy.