• 2017 Investments

    2017 EN

    Teraplast acquired 60% of Depaco’s shares – the second largest producer of metal roof tiles in Romania.

    It follows the acquisition of a sandwich panel factory in Serbia, investment that will double the production capacity.

    50% of Politub SA share capital is purchased. So, Teraplast reaches a share ownership of 99.99%.

  • 2016

    2016 EN

    TeraPlast SA established Teraplast Hungaria KFT, as part of the Group’s strategy to increase the value of exports.

    Plastsistem is rebranded and becomes TeraSteel. The new name is more representative for the company’s activity, its development path as well as its belonging to a Group.

  • 2013

    2013 EN

    TeraSteel (Plastsistem) began the production of galvanized steel structures, after and investment of 2.5 million euro.

  • 2013

    2013 EN

    The new visual identity


  • 2011

    2011 EN

    Teraplast moved its headquarters from Bistrita, to the Industrial Park, developed by the Group outside the city limits.

  • 2010

    2010 EN

    Relocation ending

    Completion of relocation of all Group companies in the in Teraplast Industrial Park from Saratel.

  • 2009

    2009 EN

    Polyolefin plant

    Completion of construction and technological equipment of the polyolefin plant.

  • 2008 BVB listing

    2008 EN

          • Listing on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, of a pack of 20% of shares.
          • Launching the process of relocation of Teraplast factories from Bistrita to Saratel, which meant the largest investment program in the company`s history.

  • 2007

    2007 EN

    TeraPlast – the main shareholder of Plastsistem

    TeraPlast became the main shareholder with a stake of 70.42% in Plastsistem, which was later reorganized to manufacture thermal insulation panels with polyurethane foam core.

  • 2004

    2004 EN


    • The company invested over 16 million Euro in development and modernization of production capacities;
    • Teraplast started the production of insulating glass windows and 5 chambers profiles;

  • 1999

    1999 EN

    TeraPlast became main shareholder

    • TeraPlast took over the stake of Rompetrol SA in Politub, becoming thus the main associate with a 50% interests along with French partners, from Socomo-Socotub.
    • Aliaxis Company, a world leader in the production and distribution of pipes and tubing became, by acquiring the British company Marley, who in turn took over Gemenc Plast Rt (Hungarian partner of Teraplast), an indirect shareholder of Teraplast, giving the company the advantage of belonging to an international group.

  • 1998

    1998 EN

    Founding of TERAPLAST group of companies, whose founder and leader was TERAPLAST.

  • 1995

    1995 EN

    Privatization of TeraPlast

    TeraPlast privatized its capital in full by MEBO method.

  • 1994

    1994 EN

    Establishment of Politub and Plastsistem

    • Teraplast established in association with Rompetrol SA and the France companies Gaz de France and Socomo-Socotub, the joint venture company – Politub, with its field of activity – production and distribution of polyethylene pipes for distribution of drinking water and natural gases.
    • As the main shareholder with a stake of 17.9%, Teraplast, together with other individuals, established Plastsistem Company, whose main activity was the manufacture of injected products, PVC joinery and marketing of products that were complementary to Teraplast’s portfolio.

  • 1992

    1992 EN

    Foreign market acces

    TeraPlast concluded a strategic partnership with the Hungarian company Gemenc Plast Rt, as the aim of this association was to ensure access to foreign markets by adopting advanced production Technologies.

  • 1990

    1990 EN

    TeraPlast was founded by splitting the Building Materials Enterprise from Bistrita, which owned the departments of tiles and plastics processing.

  • 1979

    1979 EN

    Dosing-mixing production line

    Commissioning of the first dosing – mixing line that provided some of the necessary granules for the existing extrusion lines and for the other 22 commissioned ones, during same year.

  • 1978

    1978 EN

    Commissioning of the first extrusion line for PVC profiles and pipes. tevi pvc teraplast

  • 1977

    1977 EN

    Building Materials Enterprise Bistrita

    Establishment of Building Materials Enterprise Bistrita and” Factory of Stoves and Ceramic Products” was integrated into this Enterprise.

  • 1948

    1948 EN

    Factory of stoves and ceramic products was nationalized.

  • 1917

    1917 EN

    Factory of stoves and ceramic products

    The family of Dr. Corneliu Biss acquired the ceramic tiles manufacturing unit and turned it into a joint stock company “Factory of stoves and ceramic products”.

    Besides the Biss family, the shareholding of the newly created company included also the Muller family, the Senensieb family and Credit Bank Bistrita.

    Shareholders Register “Factory of stoves and ceramic products” (photo).

  • 1896 A ceramic tiles manufacturing unit was set up in Bistrita, belonging to the Saxon craftsman Walter Schuster.
Investments 201620132013201120102009BVB listing2007200419991998199519941992199019791978197719481917A ceramic tiles manufacturing unit was set up in Bistrita, belonging to the Saxon craftsman Walter Schuster.